LXV offer unique blends of Grenahce, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Sangoviese and other varietals. Voted in the Top 10 Tasting Rooms in the USA for the unique wine and spice pairings and Highest Rated winery on Yelp in Paso Robles.

Top 10 Tasting Rooms

LXV Wine : The LXV Wine Lounge (Tasting Room), in downtown Paso Robles, is a sensory experience, with deep blue walls, day beds full of vibrant colors and plush pillows, wines paired with spices, and labels inspired by the 64 arts of KamaSutra.

LXV is today, the highest rated winery in Paso Robles on Yelp and we were voted the #7 Tasting Room in America by USA Today's Reader's Choice Awards.

Every season we will release a LXV Wine box celebrating the season! Along with three of our wines featured for Spring, the box will feature a Secret LXV wine - something that is now a part of the library and completely inaccessible to anyone, but you!